Seven Toes

One day in a quiet suburban town
A memory of elephants walked on down...

So begins Seven Toes, a book written and illustrated by three 15-year-old girls that illuminates the magic and majesty of these wonderful and endangered creatures.  When 15-year-old Erin discovered elephants were set to become extinct by the time she graduated from high school, she wrote a book to reveal the magic of these giants we usually see only through T.V. screens.  With the help of her artist friends Bella and Andrea, the three girls bring the magic of elephants to life. 

All profits from this book will go to charities that rescue elephants from peril.

Save Elephant Foundation Event

On February 25, 2018, Erin, Andrea, and Bella sold their charitable Seven Toes book as well as elephant pins, hats, stickers, and shirts they crafted at The Gray Event to benefit the Save Elephant Foundation, which was founded by the legendary Sangdeaun Lek Chailert, a young woman who grew up with a baby elephant her shaman grandfather was given as payment for healing a neighbor. Lek has been featured in National Geographic, Discovery, Animal Planet, and BBC documentaries and was honored by Hillary Clinton in 2010 as one of six Women Heroes of Global Conservation. She was also named one of TIME magazine’s Heroes of Asia and the Ford Foundation’s “Hero of the Planet.” Erin, Bella, and Andrea are honored to contribute to her cause.

From right to left: Erin, Andrea, Lek, Bella, Clarissa, Chef Pascal

From right to left: Erin, Andrea, Lek, Bella, Clarissa, Chef Pascal

Our banner we painted for the event!

Our banner we painted for the event!


World Elephant Day at the L.A. Zoo

On August 12-13, 2018, Erin and Bella educated kids at the L.A. Zoo for the World Elephant Day weekend. Giving away our signature stickers to any passer-byres, we attracted a lot of attention with our busy table of books, shirts, hats, and pins for sale. We advocated the need to raise awareness for elephants and their importance in our ecosystems. We returned this year on the 13th and 14th to continue to raise awareness. We love meeting kids who love elephants as much as we do! We were even featured on the Zoo View for our efforts:

ZVSummer19 (dragged).jpg
ZVSummer19 (dragged) 2.jpg

The Book

Meet the Team

If you live within 30 minutes of Chino Hills, CA, Erin and Bella will come to your school to teach kids how they, too, can save elephants!

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Elephant Merch

Would you like to help save elephants so they don’t go extinct in the wild by 2020? Erin, Bella, and Andrea have crafted an elephant children's book, pins, shirts, and hats for you.

The Pass It On logo and slogan was created by Erin Chang.

The Pass It On logo and slogan was created by Erin Chang.

Adopt an Elephant

Art by Bella Pettengill.

Art by Bella Pettengill.

For $55/year, you can adopt an elephant!  Every dollar counts.

Please note: Amounts shown on the Save Elephant Foundation website are in Thai baht.


Adopt an elephant here!