Silly Holidays

My Favorite Holidays That No One's Ever Heard Of...


A book about the wackiest holidays we should celebrate. 

Power of a Pencil

What happened when Erin discovered the power of a simple #2 pencil? She wrote My Favorite Holidays That No One's Ever Heard Of... 

Profits from this upcoming book will go to charities such as 826 National, a nonprofit that provides creative writing classes for disadvantaged children behind pirate and time traveling shops.  Curious?  Watch this:


A Poem from Erin's Book: My Favorite Holidays That No One's Ever Heard Of...

top hat.gif

Mad Hatter Day

On Mad Hatter Day I wore a hat
If you jumped off the top you'd land with a splat

My hat can tower over the tallest skyscrapers
It even has upside-down elevators

The first floor showcases a swimming pool
Where you'll find Francis, my water mule

On the second floor are my giant slides
That twist and turn and swirl and glide

Floors three through seven don't contain that much
Just my collection of rare slime to touch

Floor eight is my bathroom, floor nine is my bed
Floor ten is where I keep all my undead

Floor eleven has baby llamas on trampolines
Floor twelve has elephants the size of coffee beans

Floor thirteen has nothing as it brings bad luck
So that's not really where you want to get stuck

Floor fifty-one is where I keep my giant cherry pie
It's where I go to eat and cry

So of course when I saw a contest for crazy hats
I had to enter--the prize was two bats!

But in the end, my hat wasn't picked
I guess the judges were just too strict

Somehow I was beat by some boring old hat
It was a fedora.